Financial Education Videos

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Fast Forward on Finances

What is bankruptcy? How does the process work? Check out this segment if you are considering filing for bankruptcy.

What is a cosigner? When is it a good idea to get a cosigner or be a cosigner? A must-see before you cosign a loan.

Credit Card Agreements
Gain some valuable insight into understanding credit card agreements.

Credit Reports
What is a credit score and why is it important? Why should you review your credit report? Learn more about credit reports and how they impact you.

Identity Theft
How can thieves get your information? How can you protect yourself? You won’t want to miss this information on identity theft.

Managing a Checking Account
Learn more about managing a checking account.

When is it a good idea to refinance? What options do you have? You will want to check this out if you are considering refinancing.

Supplemental Health Insurance
Who needs supplemental health coverage? What types of coverage are available? Explore some of the key issues regarding supplemental health insurance.

Teaching Children Fiscal Responsibility
When should children start to learn about money management? What lessons can you teach them? Experts weigh in on the issue of teaching kids about money.

Wills and Powers of Attorney
Learn more about estate planning and providing for your loved one

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