Identity Theft: How it Happens

Socail Security Card in wallet being taken.Our world is run on information and in this day and age information is as good as gold. Identity thieves have very crafty ways of getting at our personal info. Read more about some common methods.


What Steps Should I Take If I Become a Vicitm of Identity Theft?

Steps of Identity Theft - illustration of car in motion.Identity theft is a serious crime. Sometimes, victims can resolve the issue quickly with minimal damage to their personal finances and well-being. Other times, it can take several hours and hundreds of dollars to clear your name. Learn what steps you need to take if you become a victim of identity theft.

My Own Experiences with Identity Theft

I was contacted by my bank on a Thursday afternoon two years ago with the troubling information that someone had tried to use my ATM card at three different locations and had failed due to incorrect PIN entries. I was blown away. I checked my wallet and my ATM card was still in my possession.

“How did they get my ATM card?”