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Helping Homeowners Access HAMP Benefits

The U.S. government created the Making Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) to help struggling homeowners modify their mortgages to reduce their payments, lower their interest rates and help reinstate delinquent loans. GreenPath can help homeowners learn if they are eligible for benefits, and will also help them navigate the application process.

In order to be considered for a HAMP modification, homeowners must submit a lengthy and detailed application to the servicer. This process is often drawn out, and the servicer may ask for an application multiple times if deadlines aren’t met or if supporting documents aren’t complete. 

In an effort to improve the process for HAMP-eligible homeowners, GreenPath has partnered with many servicers to provide document preparation services that can significantly reduce the frustration and get to a resolution for modification faster.

Homeowners can conduct a free GreenPath housing counseling session, where they will learn if they are eligible for HAMP.  From there, the homeowner can choose to apply on their own or submit their information and documents to GreenPath’s dedicated document preparation team. GreenPath will use the documents to complete an application for the homeowner and submit it to their servicer via HOPE Loan Port, a secure website that ensures that the information is submitted safely, efficiently and in a trackable manner.

The goal is to eliminate application issues and errors that can delay the review.  If you or someone you know is struggling to complete a review with their servicer or would like to initiate one, we may be able to help.  Contact GreenPath at 888-776-6735 and schedule a housing counseling appointment.