Electronic Learning Modules

Each GreenPath e-course is designed to expand your financial knowledge in a fun and engaging way. They are free and here 24/7 for you to view at your convenience. Be sure to check back often as new courses are added periodically. 

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GreenPath Counselor.

Are You Smarter than a GreenPath Counselor?

Test your knowlege and skills in this interactive E-Learning game where you will have your financial knowledge put to the test!


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Budget Basics eLearning Course

Budget Basic will teach you how to start a budget, how to maintain your budget and how to integrate your plans into your financial landscape.

Woman with PiggyBank

Budget Checkup Course

See if you have the ins and outs of maintaining a budget covered.  This E-Course will help you toward financial success.

Green Board with word Credit Score.

Understanding Credit Scores

One of the keys to having a good credit score, is undertanding how your credit score works.  Learn all about your credit score in this interactive E-Learning course

Understanding Credit Reports

Do you know how to read your credit report?  This e-course will help you interpret your credit report so it can be a useful tool to help stay on track.