Since 1961, GreenPath has been empowering people to regain control of their finances --- and their lives. Contact us today if you want to lead a financially healthy life. 

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"We were in a deep hole with no way out and you brought us a ladder. It is wonderful what you do for your clients.”

Tony and Peggy - Mishawaka, IN READ MORE

Their credit scores rose from the low 600s to 745 and 778 by the time they finished paying off their debt.

Dawn and David - Buchanan, MI READ MORE

“GreenPath has given me peace of mind. They were able to open the door for me in getting out of debt in five years, versus 25 or 30 years.”

Katie - Alma, MI READ MORE
GreenPath Debt Management Program Clients of the Year!

"GreenPath helped us pay off more than $92,000 in credit card debt. You saved our lives financially...”

Jerry and Sue - Jackson, MI READ MORE

“GreenPath organized our finances, and we actually had more cash in hand each month after paying our bills.”

Don and Carole - New York, NY READ MORE

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Friendly service from degreed professionals

100% confidential

Financial options with no sales pitch

Customized budget and action plan

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2015 Client of the Year


Congrats to Katie for completing her debt management plan. Her story will inspire you!