"I hope you understand the difference you have made...in my life."

A smiling wife and husband, GreenPath's 2013 Clients of the Year, pose in their Indiana back yard.

We love to hear from our clients. It's incredibly rewarding to receive a letter, email or Facebook message from someone explaining how GreenPath reduced their stress. Or thanking us for empowering them to regain control over their financial future. We get notes like this nearly every day.

People with financial concerns often don't know where to turn. With all the scams and rip-offs out there, they don't know who to trust. When they contact GreenPath, their financial stress melts away. They see light at the end of the tunnel. Often, they tell us how much they appreciate our assistance.

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Here are some examples of unsolicited GreenPath reviews we receive on a regular basis.

Quote from Carrie J. in Virginia saying "I can't thank you all enough. I am telling everyone about your services and hope that you understand the difference you have made in my finances and my life."“We are very appreciative for what GreenPath has done for us. Your employees have been very helpful and understanding, never pushy or aggressive, like those other companies that will take your hard-earned dollars and give you no help to speak of.”
Barbara B. -- Auburn, NY

“I am so glad I found GreenPath.  I was overwhelmed, scared and tired of being broke.  I couldn’t do it by myself.”
Carol J. -- Detroit, MI

Coming to GreenPath was the best decision I ever made. Phone calls have been eliminated, interest rates have been decreased, creditors are being paid and I see the light at the end of the tunnel! It’s close!”
Eugenia P. -- Fairchance, PA

Don and Carole - New York, NY

Don and Carole - New York, NY

“GreenPath organized our finances, and we actually had more cash in hand each month after paying our bills.”

Jerry and Sue - Jackson, MI

Jerry and Sue - Jackson, MI

"GreenPath helped us pay off more than $92,000 in credit card debt. You saved our lives financially...”

Tony and Peggy - Mishawaka, IN

Tony and Peggy - Mishawaka, IN

"We were in a deep hole with no way out and you brought us a ladder. It is wonderful what you do for your clients.”

“GreenPath is helping me rebuild my future and they are doing it with respect, compassion and care.”
Joanne R. -- Evesham, NJ
“After shopping around to other companies, I found GreenPath to be the best option. You were honest, up-front about fees, realistic about payoff times and always willing to answer my questions.”
John W. -- Birmingham, AL
"I now have peace of mind, knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel and a way to pay off my debt, having support to help me through this."
Kathie M. -- Alpena, MI

“I went from having no hope, alone, to GreenPath, where I had a lot of people behind me, all of them kind, compassionate and knowledgeable. I felt like I couldn’t fail.” Kathleen P. -- Dearborn, MI

"I liked your counselor's non-judgmental and compassionate attitude.  It is humbling enough to have to call for help.  The fact that she was so helpful, pleasant and understanding made my experience a very good one."
Aryn D. -- Brooklyn, NY

“Thanks to GreenPath, I have climbed out of a deep hole and learned the right ways to refocus on building my future. I couldn’t have done it without you.”
Nate O. -- Buffalo, NY

“This was the best step I could take. GreenPath put me on my way to becoming completely debt free — a target I’ll hit much sooner than I expected.”
Otelia P. -- Brooklyn, NYQuote from Tony L., Indiana saying "We were in a deep hole of debt with no way out. You brought us a ladder.  It is wonderful what you do for your clients."

“GreenPath got my credit card interest rate reduced from 29.9 percent to six percent! Now my payments actually reduce my balance and I have a lot of hope, instead of fear and frustration. I’ll be out of debt and a new homeowner soon.”
Steve S. -- Chicago, IL

"Your company deserves a great deal of credit for the kind of employees you hire.  Your standards must be very high.  They have been so professional, knowledgeable and totally respectful and kind."
Jacqueline W. -- Joppa, MD

Jeremy, First Contact Center ManagerMeet Jeremy, Sr. Manager of GreenPath's first contact center.  He is responsible for managing the representatives who answer the phone when a consumer calls us for the first time.  "Every single day I know that we're able to help make people's lives better and ease their burdens.  That's what motivates me the most.  And I'm proud to work with such a tremendous group of caring, smart people."  Jeremy joined GreenPath as a counselor in 2007.