Smiling, white female teacher in a classroom with chalkboard in the background.

GreenPath works with students of all ages.  

We conduct presentations and workshops in the classroom.  We provide teachers with tools and materials for teaching personal finance topics.  We even offer one-on-one counseling for older students who need assistance with student loan debt or credit card debt. 

Most of our activity is with high schools and colleges.



GreenPath is continually working on new ways to add value to universities, community colleges and trade schools. We: Female students in a high school hallway.

  • Provide default prevention services designed to help schools lower their student loan default rate.
  • Provide value-added alumni services that assist school alumni who need help with their debts.
  • Collaborate with colleges to explore online student financial education services.
  • Conduct classroom presentations at schools located near GreenPath offices. 
  • Provide one-on-one counseling for students and alumni who are struggling with student loan debt and/or credit card debt.

If your college is interested in learning more about how GreenPath can help you and your students, contact us at


High Schools

GreenPath conducts classroom presentations at high schools in areas near GreenPath offices.

Logo for Financial Cents, GreenPath's student financial literacy program.We also provide high schools with our Financial Cents and Banking Is student financial literacy programs.  The programs are designed to be taught as part of five one-hour classroom sessions.  They include student workbooks, a DVD video with exercises, computer software and a facilitator's guide.

Students learn about financial institutions and key concepts such as saving, budgeting, checking accounts, interest and credit cards.  In 2012, GreenPath provided the programs to about 15,000 students at nearly 140 schools in 16 states.

The program and its components are of great importance to my lessons --- and to my students' futures.

Kimberly, Social Studies teacher in Michigan


The facilitator's guide is organized into five classroom units that run a total of about 60 minutes.  Each unit includes multiple segments from the DVD video.

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Yvonne, a call center team leaderMeet Yvonne, team leader in our call center, where she mentors and works with new counselors and account assistants. She started with GreenPath, as a call center repsentative, in 2000. "I enjoy training and helping our new employees to become efficient and comfortable in their roles of helping people in need."