Advancement and Growth

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GreenPath recognizes a company's strength begins with the individual. We offer ongoing educational support and opportunities as we believe each employee should have the possibility to grow and expand their skills while on the job. We are committed to helping our team members reach their career goals and providing them with the tools and opportunities to drive their own advancement. The following are a few of the programs GreenPath offers:

Invest In Yourself

At GreenPath we understand the importance of ongoing education, so every employee has the opportunity to attend a variety of courses to invest in themselves. Appropriately enough, we call these “Invest in Yourself” classes. A catalog is published on a quarterly basis, listing the dates, times, and descriptions of the classes being offered. You will get to pick what you would like to take based on your personal interests and goals. There is a great variety offered- everything from Wellness to Presentations Skills, so wherever your are at in your professional career, we can help you to improve and capitalize on your strengths.

The Path Leadership Development Program

The PATH Program is a six month training and development intensive program focused on core leadership competencies such as creativity/innovation, problem solving, building trust and developing others. This selective program will help you learn essential leadership concepts and ways to apply them in your work and personal life. As a participant, you will be exposed to cutting edge and top industry leadership tools including books, articles, webinars, seminars, white pages and discussion groups. You will have the opportunity to be mentored and developed by members of leadership here at GreenPath.

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is an intensive one year program targeted at providing leadership and managerial training for Managers at GreenPath. It follows the lifecycle of how GreenPath Managers lead employees and includes courses such as: Hiring, Onboarding, Coaching Skills, Performance Management, Effective Time Management and much more!


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