Credit Counseling and Debt Management

Credit Counselers working at GreenPath HQ helping customers on the phone.

GreenPath is one of the largest and most respected non-profit financial wellness and credit counseling organizations in the nation. Here’s what you can count on from GreenPath that you may not get from others.

Focus on your overall financial well-being.  GreenPath will empower you to regain control over your finances so you can pay bills on time, build a financial cushion, and enjoy life without financial stress. We’ll equip you with tools and knowledge to achieve your financial goals, such as rebuilding credit, buying a home, and saving for the future. We’ll empower you to lead a financially healthy life!

Help with all your debts.  If you’re in debt, GreenPath’s debt experts work out debt repayment plans with ALL of your creditors and ALL of your debts, not just your credit card debt. Most of our competitors handle only credit card debt and unsecured debts. GreenPath’s approach eases your financial stress and sets you up for financial success.

Degreed professionals working in your best interest, not their own.  Some debt relief organizations pay their employees a commission based on sales. GreenPath experts are certified, degreed professionals who are paid a salary, not a commission. They are eager to guide you through your financial challenges.

One red apple in the middle of a bunch of green apples.An ethical and compassionate experience.  We understand that bad things sometimes happen to good people. We will always treat you with care and respect, and we will never be judgmental. You can always contact us whenever you have a question or concern. And we will never share your information with anyone without your authorization. Our customer satisfaction ratings and GreenPath reviews speak for themselves.

A personalized plan created just for you.  GreenPath provides personalized budgets, debt management plans and action plans based on your own unique situation. Many other companies offer everyone the same “cookie-cutter” solution. GreenPath understands that you’re unique. You need a plan that works for you.

No surprises.  We provide free credit counseling, debt counseling, and financial education. We clearly explain our low-cost debt management plan if that's an appropriate option for you. We will never surprise you with hidden fees or “voluntary contributions.” We will explain the reasonable fee for some of our housing counseling and student loan counseling services.

Credit report assistance.  We equip you with the knowledge to understand your credit report and manage your credit score. You can provide your own report from Annual Credit Report or get one from us for a nominal charge.

Helpful financial education.  In addition to the one-on-one education from GreenPath's experts, we offer free financial education resources. Our Financial Education Library is packed with financial education articles. GreenPath University contains financial education videos, e-courses, calculators, workbooks and more. We also offer free webinars on different topics each week.

Accreditation and certification.  GreenPath is fully bonded, licensed and registered to serve consumers in all 50 states. GreenPath is accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA), whose standards are the most rigorous in the industry. GreenPath has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. GreenPath is a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) and is a partner of the Homeownership Preservation Foundation, which both hold members to high standards for quality and ethics. GreenPath is also an official U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) housing counseling intermediary.

Picture of GreenPath employee on a green background.Meet Dorette, team leader in GreenPath's First Contact Center. In 2001, she joined GreenPath as a customer service representative. "I take great pride in coaching my team because they are the window into GreenPath, the representatives that answer the phone. I enjoy watching my team help people overcome their financial concerns."