2016 Annual Report

In 2016, GreenPath widened our focus to support financial wellness more broadly. We will always be there for people who need a guide in times of crisis.  And we are expanding our services to support our services to support financial health in a variety of proactive ways, too. Check out our 2016 annual report to learn about our impact, parterships, financials, and the road ahead.
Click here to view a .pdf version of our 2016 annual report.



Emily, Group ManagerMeet Emily, group manager responsible for managing GreenPath offices in northern Texas.  Emily joined GreenPath as an account maintenance coordinator in 2002.  "Years ago, one of my former clients was so excited when she paid off her first credit card that she took a picture of the zero balance statement along with my business card. She sent it to me as a thank you, and I still have that note on display in my office.  It reminds me that baby steps can lead to awesome results!"  Emily moved from Michigan to Texas a few years ago, and already says "y'all" just like a native Texan.